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3 Instagram accounts to follow

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It’s no secret that I’m a huge Instagram fan. I love scrolling through the feed, discovering designers and getting inspiration from all around the world. As a true Instagram addict, I’d like to share some of my favorite accounts 

Knobbly by Gittit Szwar (Jaffa, Israel) - Gittit is out of the ordinary jewellery designer. In her last line of jewellery, she collaborated with Lourey frank, a tattoo artist who draws minimalist sketches of the female nudes (and even tattooing them on people!). Together, they created a collection of jewellery that simulates Lowry's sketches of the female body. The result is an intelligent, minimalist line of jewellery that every fashionista must have.

Jule Waibe (Berlin, Germany) - Jule is the creator of the unfolded universe. She folds everything that comes through her fingers: paper, silk, leather and felt, various plastics, brass, copper, and cork. Her art is used in fashion and interior pieces, furniture, and art installations. She is documenting herself, giving us a glimpse into her work processes and everyday life.


BigStuffed by Dana Muskat, (Paris, France) - BigStuffed is a high-end brand of large, stuffed creatures for children. I’m no child, but her pieces are so aesthetically pleasing that I want one for myself, like right now! Dana’s first piece of this kind was a big albino octopus. She made it as a “welcome to the world” gift for her newborn niece. Later she realized these creatures can make many other kids and parents happy. On Dana’s Instagram feed you can find photos of  her creative process, as well as cute babies with their stuffed animals, and lots of whales, octopuses and penguins that will melt your heart!


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