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New loop hangers and the hands behind it.

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 Hey guys,

I am happy to introduce the latest design from knots, the loop hanger! The loop hanger is a beautiful and functional wall piece. Each loop hanger is attached individually to the wall, meaning you can hang it in different heights and shapes to add a unique modern touch to your home. You can use it to hang hand towels, necklaces, scarves, and much more.Not a lot of people aware that all the wooden parts in our studio are hand made by my grandfather David. He is a talented artist and master in woodturning. He makes each piece with his talented hands. I visited his carpentry in the southern city of Ashkelon, and documented the process of his work: 

It's pretty amazing that my grandpa is a part of the design process.  

We are currntly working together on some new designs so please stay tuned:) Click here to take a closer look at our new Loop hangers. If you'd like to subscribe to our newsletter and get the latest news and speacial sales click here.